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when you have messed up all the snow at your house we have pristine snow waiting!! great photos!


We love snow too!


Your boys look so delighted with the snow!! It reminds me of Narnia!!


Amazing photos. Doesn't snow bring so much fun :-)


Oh so pretty! I am completely jealous of all your winter time fun and all your fab photo opps!


Fab photos my friend!
Second fall of snow and I still haven't taken any photos bar the wedding, poor show!!
Got your text and yes a night in January would be great to see the girls. Tuesdays I work and Thursday I have Eli as Mike is at training but I may be able to get baby sitter if Ella is booked in early.
Spent the weekend in Bangor by the fire and now to tackle the roads back home as I have work tomorrow day and night.
Enjoy being snowed in.
Merry Christmas to the Boyds!!
Love you xxxxx


At last you guys get some snow! We had another load on Friday/Saturday night, about 3 inches and the boys got an early christmas present of the red sledge! It's been snowing again today, another 2 to 3 inches. Unfortunately Callum's been struck down with the obligatory December sickness bug so no playing outside today. Lovely pictures by the way!

auntie e

Love your photos! The boys are obviously having a ball! It's freezing, foggy and lots of snow still lying in Ballinderry but like you I LOVE IT(but not driving in it). Looking out the kitchen window is just magical-white everywhere. All the trees are glistening with frost on every available branch. Hope you all have a wonderful, magical Christmas. xxx

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