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I loved this post so much I could cry (for missing you all!!) You sister looks so stunning (as of course do you and your mother, but one must always mention the bride first ;) ) I am so happy for your family!!!
I miss you my dear girl!!! Can you come to Bury St Edmunds any time soon???? If not, beware that I will be coming to you!!!!
Lots of Love!!!


I too love this post and thanks for posting the only decent photograph of me I have seen so far. Didn't our Les just look amazing and their happiness just enveloped the whole day!! Well done everyone who made this such a wonderful day!!


Ahh, now that's what I've been waiting for - some wedding photos of Lesley and Scott. Yeah for the Big Day! I must say that you were very restrained with your camera, I couldn't put mine away at my sisters wedding. Then again you had your best camera buddy Johnny doing the honours and he's sure to let you have plenty (I would hope!) Have a lovely weekend, I'm keen to see Patrick in his zombie outfit next time!xx


Oh Janine she looks just gorgeous, all grown up, I adore the dress, esecially the flower detail. Glad her day was magical.....v


Am amazed you had time to take such lovely photos! What a super dooper 'bridesmaid'.You all looked gorgeous!


Fantastic Janine! you all look like you had a superb day - and lesley looks GORGEOUS!!!!

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