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I was going to offer a suggestion for"matron" but it certainly was not HELPFUL!! DON'T ASK!!


On a more serious note .... what about "principal bridesmaid"


Exciting news indeed, I am sure just like Jen and I did you and your sis will spend many hours going through the exciting plans for her big day. I never relished the thought of being Jen's "matron" either and unfortunately never found an alternative, glad to say it didn't hamper my excitment on the day!!


When I was matron of honour I had to control a wayward flower girl and page boy -they were scamps-and one actually belonged to me (FG), the shame!! Enjoy all the wedding prep, such fun!!


We call the 'Matron of Honour' the 'Maid of Honour' over here. Much nicer I think. See you next week!

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