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Sheila Stronge

Love both your layouts - fab reminders of summer fun! How cute are tiny feet in crocs? I love them!! Now the pig racing makes perfect sense, hehe, glad you had fun!! Looking forward to more posting over the weekend!


Great photos, love the angles. Conor's wee feet look teeny in those crocs when he's standing on the fence! Well done you on finding your creative juices. I'm hoping to find mine next week now that I've got my craft fair out of the way. (Incidentally I did well, so I can treat myself to Ali's class)


really love that pig racing story....the things they do in this country!!!!
your cricket lo is awesome...we MUST get these boys together...Dean is also crazy for cricket (although his is more of a baseball/cricket combo.)


Hey, just noticed the back of Conor's shoes on our banner - it looks like they say ALI E! (I do realise they say alien BTW!)


"If you see someone wearing corcs you have to shout CROC!!". Conor Boyd. Love that child and love the crocs photo xx

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