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Great photos of your "doing very little" day. Those two boys just get more gorgeous every day and did you have Conor's hair styled specially for the "how cute am I" photo shoot!! Was Patrick doing a Grandpa on the trampoline and taking most of his clothes off 'cos he's too warm!


Love Patrick doing a Troy-esque pose on trampoline - watch out ladies of Bangor, the Boyd boys are here & they are cute!


Love Patricks Troy-esque pose on the trampoline. Your photos are gorgeous. Watch out ladies of Bangor - the Boyd boys are here and they are cute!!!


Great post. I do hope that you and Sheila won't notice the dust in my lounge or for that matter the whole of my house. I've got serious tidying and cleaning to do before FRIDAY. Super duper excited mind you, I'll be playing Hairspray and High School Musical CD's LOUD whilst I tackle the housework, that should help!


ahhh....what great pics!!! your little man is so sweet in that sweater!!! and don't even get me started on that boden ...i want it all!

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