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love that bowl of Patricks,especially the splodges! I'm glad you found some snow for the boys, they had great fun and nanny's ear isn't sore any more. Having scraggly hair doesn't make conor any less cute.


I'm sorry to be one of your friends who had snow. May I also add that I am very pleased to see the green grass again and thankful that although we had snow we didn't have as much as some poor people. I have no answer to question 1, but I may have an answer to question 2, but you'll have to wait for my next blog update on that!
PS. "I want to live forever...I want to learn how to fly - high!" Think you should make some for Michael to wear!


Loving that snow - I am equally un-impressed at our lack of the white stuff.
Cute wrist warmers and fab colour too. Ha Ha I too have blogged about Amy's unruly hair at the moment!! I googled the moon thing, there is an explanation but I don't quite know how to explain it!! Enjoy your half term


Showed Eunan the picture of your wee man and he said it reminded him of Will Ferrells co star in Blades of Glory........(Jon Hedder??) I think he is right. Rory still sporting the doc brown look:)


Benefits of living in Bangor in the summer
!.miles of golden sand at Ballyholme
2.the summer fun-fair.
3.playing cricket on your lawn.
4.the joy of having dogs for 10days
5.the gentle soft rain to cool the stifling air.
6.the soft murmurs of the boys playing in harmony in the garden.
7.the delicious smell of the b.b.q. as mikey cooks tea.
8.the terrible shock when you waken up!!! This is the answer to your query left on my blog.


the wristwarmers look great - wonderful colour!

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