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Awk you Boyds are all so gorgeous! And Auntie Lesley is cute too! Looked like a real fun birthday!


That photo of the 4 of you is brilliant, one to scrap with a big title of HUFF!!


Of course he's huffing...it's what 5 yr olds do best! Anyway,you wouldn't let him play the Wii any more, so what else was a boy to do.


How are your ears? If it's anything like the sound of the Hot Wheels race track you have then I am very glad our boys aren't into them too! Oh Patrick - I fear that Matthew would be the same if we had a Wii or a Nintendo DS like loads of kids at school have. We would never got him off of it and I imagine we'd be seeing that face at all other times!


happy birthday to that sweet sweet little boy!!!
and what a lovely family pic of you all!

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