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Sheila Stronge

Such a cutie! Hope your wrists are toasty warm! Enjoy the chocolate - hope u had 2 squares!


He is just too too cute, what a little munchkin!


Delicious little boy, love his chubby cheeks!I'm looking forward to the cable stitch sweater you are planning for Mickey!!! Oh, sorry, maybe it is a scarf knit in plain stitch! Anyway, you'll do a great job.


I've been thinking about those wrist warmers since I saw them way back in October / November last year. I did wonder if you'd get them finished before Spring - well done you! And as for that baby, oh those chubby newborn cheeks reminded me so much of Matthew's. I've just re-tucked both boys up in bed; taken a teaching clock out of Matthew's bed and some pots and pans out of Callum's, smiled and turned the lights off. Little babies seem a long time ago!


Loving those little baby cheeks! Deffo need wrist warmers in this weather.


i am afraid...after much deliberation, i may need to stay away from your blog.....
i am totally baby crazy and you take THE MOST AMAZING baby photos EVER!!!!! your natural ability to capture all that is good and pure and miraculous about babies could quite possibly be my total undoing (like me running off to sperm bank and then surprising Spike with "guess what we can expect in nine months.")
really this is a problem!!!

sasha farina

awww... melts my heart!

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