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So So happy that you had a great day...I really got into the whole Disney thing and could hear the soundtrack in my head!

So sorry about your friends baby...she'll be in our prayers!

I want to ring you right now, but worry it's too late and I may wake you from the only good sleep you've had for weeks.....hum!


PS WHY can't I get a Kath Kidston cat.????????

Sheila Stronge

I am happy cos I was able to perfect the french braids that used to be a sight in Maddies hair - and she looks like an angel. Never mind that she is covered in feltip! I agree about the weather - beautiful!


So glad you have a good day. Currently mine is good too, Jeff is in Liverpool watching the Reds which means I can shop on-line later (yes I mean Cath Kidston, so I'll order the tea-towel for you). Also Callum is asleep and Matthew is watching a DVD downstairs! Bliss, time on the computer during the day! I too managed to pick up Real Simple this month when I was in Preswick Airport on the way home from seeing Justin Currie, totally forgot I had until Thursday. I made time to sit down and read it whilst Callum was asleep. Tell me what would you do with an extra 15 minutes? I nearly went and posted on my blog start away, felt very inspired, but decided to finish my coffee and read more.

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