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You just gotta love them, I managed to grab a gorgeous Cath Kidston cover for my iphone last week in London, not sure if there is one for the iphone 4 though? Enjoy playing!!...and Happy Birthday for tomorrow x


I am loving that you have an iphone!! We can ping each other now (not bras of course we are not 13 any more!!). Happy birthday, love u lots!!


Oh you girls, if I didn't have a Cath Kidston phone (albeit very old now) I too would love to jump on that bandwagon. I will be coveting your's from a far! Happy Birthday for tomorrow - check your inbox for your birthday present! Looking forward to seeing your iphone's debut!

Nina Douglas

Hope you had a lovely birthday Janine! I love my iPhone 4 - I think I'd have it surgically attached to my right hand if I could because it's almost always there! I read on CK's twitter feed that they're hoping to have the iPhone 4 case by the end of the week, so hang on if you really want it, but I would definitely recommend a rubber case... This iPhone has glass on the front and the back and one would be very upset if it broke because you spent £25 on a nice-but-not-flexible CK case to replace a not-very-glamorous-or-expensive-but-very-practical black rubber case and then dropped your most treasured phone on a hard surface like a patio and it smashed. Yes. I'm speaking from experience!
Enjoy your phone! Looking forward to hearing about your favourite apps!
Nina x

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