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Janine...I could have written this same post...seriously! I have found that I'm once again taking pictures for myself as well! Your pictures are stunning! So, when are you opening up your Etsy shop?


Looking forward to seing all your great photos. Of course Patrick got pupil of the week for comprehension - it must be in the genes!!


Marvellous idea! Love the match attax pic!!! And are we being treated to a lego dusting pic - please, please!! That and some wagon wheels!

auntie e

What a great idea - look forward to seeing many a great picture. Love the autumnal photo. Well done Patrick, no doubt many of those to come your way in the future! Hope you can make it on Monday night.


I was sure I had posted a comment on here. Must be going mad, well you know how forgetful I've been lately! Love, love, love your still life photos, those wee cricket balls look so cool.

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