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I love all your ruins photos! Is that a real 'frozen' person? Hope Bushmills was delightful, mwah! xo


I need to learn how to get the RSS feeds to work as have to update manually to see your posts - all too much technology for me it would appear! But great photos - surely you took some of the infamous crocs though!?!?!




lovely, j. love that second image of the pillars. beaut light. Lisa - click on the wee blue button in the address bar - looks quite like a volume button - that'll sort you out re RSS feeds. I use google reader and now all the blogs I follow come to me - hurrah!


Oh I still so want to go there. Love the photo of the pillars too. Our weather here in Cornwall isn't anywhere near the hot weather you experienced - boo. Shall chat with you on our return. xxx

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