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Great photos, it does help when you have sunshine and light to take good photos. Where was our sunshine here in England for Matthew's 7th birthday party? Indoor shots and having to result to the flash (blah, don't like the flash). Here's hoping his actual birthday on the 11th will be sunny and I'll be able to get some cracking shots of him. I love your beautiful cake, the fantastic indoor football party (think we'll do that next year!) and your layout. Oh and as Jeff and I looked at your photo collage he said "Hope Liverpool don't sell Torres", then we read your very same words. Incidentially you can tell Patrick that Torres is Matthew's favourite too, if LFC sell him there will be tears over here. Sorry really long comment, will phone you in the week for proper catch up. Lots of love. xxx


Happy Birthday to your sweet boy, Janine! Seven...wow! Big mama hugs to you!


Didn't he have a great day!!! ..... lots of fun with all his friends, fab presents and yummy food to finish off a super birthday for a special boy.


Love the layout and the birthday images!
I have taken a quick break from interview prep (yes I managed to get myself an interview this Friday for the you-know-what) and as I type I can hear Mum loudly exclaiming "Swish swish I'm a big crane!" as she reads Elijah his bedtime story from none other than "Diggers, tractors and Trucks", his new favourite book!
We have never seen him so giddy about anything (besides his Aunty Vikki!) so thank you for the hand me down. Greatly appreciated as always. Thank you to your big seven year old for making a wee fat 15month old's day!

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