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Am feeling that I've got one week down & it wasn't that bad! Things can only get better! Love your layouts- I can now do one about the tooth too as Maddie lost one, whoop! Love the Hookey Cookey sign - may make one for my zimmer! Wonder if i'll have gotten any shorter?


Well done you for purging unused scrap stuff, I really need to do that. Sounds like Conor had a great birthday, where did you put the train set in the end? Love your layouts and Hokey Cokey sign. Hope Sheila doesn't try doing the Hokey Cokey with her Zimmer frame, she might end up with a broken hip too! Looking forward to scrapping with you in two and a bit weeks time, maybe in your newly organised scrap studio?!


You have a beautiful space here! And your photos are gorgeous and so full of life and fun...your life looks way more fun than mine! And I totally envy your scrapbooking skills...

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